New Wind Energy Investment of 240 Million Dollars From Borusan

With its successful growth strategy of developing Türkiye’s renewable energy resources in the energy sector, Borusan EnBW Enerji has decided to work with Vestas, the prominent global wind turbine supplier, for the supply of turbines for its wind energy projects located in Çanakkale and Kırklareli. 

May 2018, Istanbul; Borusan EnBW Enerji has come one step closer to reaching its goal of becoming a leader in wind energy with its continuous investments in the industry. The wind turbine supplier has been chosen for two wind power plant projects with a total capacity of 210 MW, located in Çanakkale (138 MW) and Kırklareli (72 MW).

Borusan EnBW Enerji has signed a letter of intent to start contract negotiations for 20 units of V136 3.6 MW turbine model for its Kırklareli project and for 35 units of V150 4.0 MW turbine model for its Çanakkale project with Vestas, the prominent global wind turbine supplier.

Borusan Holding CEO Agâh Uğur has made the following statement regarding this investment:

“Borusan creates value for Türkiye in all the sectors it is operating in. This also applies for the energy sector. The total investment cost for these two projects is approximately 240 million USD. High interest was shown to the wind turbine supply tender we have conducted. We were extremely happy for the interest shown by the world’s strongest and most important wind suppliers in this area despite some fluctuations in the currency rates and the current pre-election period we are in. This interest is a symbol of confidence in Borusan and the Turkish economy. We have decided to continue our investment with Vestas; one of the most important wind suppliers in the world. This is not our first collaboration with Vestas. We had worked together with them previously, also in other significant investments. We believe that we will, again, get the best and most efficient results for this investment.”

In 2014, Borusan EnBW Enerji had signed a contract for the supply and maintenance of turbines with Vestas for four Wind Power Plants (WEPP) and a capacity increase; which was one of the largest onshore wind energy investments in Europe.

Borusan EnBW Enerji General Manager Mehmet Acarla; evaluating the new investments of Borusan EnBW Enerji has stated:

“We continue to develop our country’s renewable energy resources and decisively follow our vision of being the leader in the wind energy industry. We continue with our investments to reach this target. After the two new investments in Çanakkale and Kırklareli are completed, 705 MW within our existing 1172 MW portfolio will be active and running. The remaining projects of our portfolio which are currently under development will also be put into operation as soon as possible. When this investment is completed, we will have a total installed capacity of 210 MW and an electricity generation of 725 GWh per year. This means, that we will meet an energy need of approximately 300,000 households per year and we will be reducing emission of CO2 by 400,000 tons annually.”