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What is the Eligible Consumer Limit?
Along with the liberalization of the electricity market in 2001, EPDK has been carrying out mechanisms, which aim to protect the rights of the cosnumers, who are the largest but the most silent players in the market, and provide them a higher level of service at a lower price. The concept “Eligible Consumer”, which gives consumers the right to make their own buying decisions on electricity, has entered our lives in 2002. Almost 3.000.000 electricity subscribers has obtained electricity from different firms and at lower prices so far. The implementation of “Eligible Consumer”, held by EPDK, enables consumers to get electricity service discounts in correspondance with their electricity consumption.If a consumer’s utility bill exceeds this amount, or the annual consumption of the consumer is above 2.400 kWh, the consumer is considered as an Eligible Consumer, meaning she/he has the right to switch to another utility provider. The right to change utility provider gives consumers the chance to get the same quality electricity services at lower prices, because of the advantage of being a competitive market. Subscribers can enjoy discounted electricity prices by changing only their utility company, without any need for change in infrastructure or facility. The wholesale, retail or generation companies across all over Turkey offer several discounted sales packages.

What are the advantages of discounted electricity supply?
When buying electricity, consumer can find the best fit for her/his utility needs among the best price alternatives. If consumer do not use the right to be an Eligible Consumer, she/he is supposed to buy electricity from the utility provider, which operates in corresponding area of the consumer’s residence. As a result, the electricity consumed will be charged at a price set by EPDK.

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