We help to decrease about 700.000 tons of carbon dioxide emission to the environment owing to our renewable “0“ carbon power plants facilities.
Internal and External Grievance Mechanism Procedure
Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Our facilities also follow the principle of sustainability in their own activities. The LEED Gold Green Building certificate which we received for the Bandırma WEPP control building was the first certificate received for a wind plant in this area. We have been certified with LEED Gold Green Building Certificates for Harmanlık, Mut, Koru and Fuat Wind Energy Power Plants.

We also carried out activities within the scope of our wind turbine control buildings’ design with our project titled “WindHouses (RüzgarEv)” so as to make the plans in harmony with the social and natural environment. Our aim was to redesign our facility control buildings to protect nature, reduce carbon footprint, use new construction methods that make construction easier, and reduce construction time and costs. At the same time with our design, we aim to make use of modern and environmentally friendly architectural techniques and trends, to implement innovative, world-class architectural solutions, to provide innovative solutions for water supply and gray water treatment and to make maximum use of sunlight.

We carry out our works in harmony with the social environment and by establishing neighborly relations with the people of the region. We have undertaken many social development projects starting in the construction phase of our facilities and continuing in the operation phase. These include various projects ranging from agricultural irrigation to projects improving common areas of use for the people of the region.