Investment Process

We are building the future of Turkey with our renewable energy investments.
Borusan EnBW Enerji makes direct contribution to the sustainable development of Turkey. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint arising from our own investment activities during the construction of our energy facilities.
In the construction process of our facilities, we plan our activities with a sustainability perspective. In our wind investments, we determine the areas where the turbines will be erected, among the ones which have the least impact on the nature, and which have the least vegetation. We are trying to spread the common use of turbine parts storage areas for minimizing space we occupy in all of our investments. After completing the construction phase, we are working to reorganize these areas for activities such as agriculture and animal husbandry. In addition, we use innovative transport methods to carry the blades and turbine towers in a way that has the least impact on the environment. Especially, we prefer to use blade adopter in the transportation of the turbine blades by means of lifting them up to 50-degree angle and not horizontal.