The total installed power of Yedigöl Aksu Hydroelectric Power Plants, located on Aksu Stream, which is a side branch of the Çoruh River, within the borders of Aksu Village of İspir District of Erzurum Province, is 50.3 MW. Yedigöl Hydroelectric Power Plant, the first phase of our power plant, on October 14, 2011; The second phase of Aksu Hydroelectric Power Plant was commissioned on 14 September 2012.

İspir / Erzurum
Eylül 2012
50,3 MW Installed Power
4 Number of Turbines
Voith Turbine Type
1.8 MILLION Annual Emission Reduction
(The Number of Tree Equivalent)
Annually Illuminated
Number of Houses
81 .000TON CO2 Annual Prevented
Carbon Emission
9,3 Milyon USD Annual Prevented
Energy Import
Communication Yedigöl - Aksu Hidroelektrik Santral 0 442 221 12 01

Public Liaison Officer: Fethi Kaya

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